Friday, May 22, 2009

Rug Switcheroo

If you remember at the beginning of this month I was looking at rugs at Urban Outfitters and fell in love with a certain indigo leaf rug that I thought would be perfect for the guest bedroom. I ordered it of course and was scared that it was a little too thin once it arrived but some rug padding saved the day. Here are the before and after pics of my guest room floor.

This colorful rug was purchased from Target eight years ago to give some color to a bland apartment (if you can't paint the walls you need to bring in color in other places!). When I moved into this house I thought it would be perfect in the guest bedroom but I was never happy with how it looked under the bed since it took up so much space. Not to mention that it just isn't really my style anymore since I go for more muted colors and am usually drawn to beige rugs (hey, they go with anything!).

The Urban Outfitters rug was the same size as the old rug but I folded it in half (I told you it was thin!) and positioned it on its side along the bed. Look at how much floor space it frees up! You can actually see my beautiful hardwood floors now! I love that it only has two colors but still draws attention due to the fun leaf pattern.

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  1. I got that rug the same day you posted about it and agree, it is THIN. Less "rug" more "fabric". Unfortunately, I need the full length, so I am working on other options to beef it up. Still, at that price it was a great deal!

    It looks beautiful in your guest room!


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