Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To-do list updated

I took last Thursday off so I could get things done around the house before I went to Lake Leelanau for the long weekend. My original to-do list included:

  • Buy more mulch
  • Lay down mulch in all flower beds
  • Paint front and side entrance doors --> painted side door
  • Fix siding on garage
  • Purchase folding lawn cart from ACE
  • Get hair cut
  • Play with Sami before I desert her

I modified the list to include:

  • Do laundry
  • Finish organizing laundry room
  • Hang divider in laundry room
  • Clean basement

Mulching the flowerbeds took quite a while since I had to weed them all first. After that task was completed I painted the side door to my house (post to come later with pics and instructions) - this took an incredibly long time since I had to paint six coats of red paint to get the shade and coverage I wanted. Seriously, after I paint the front door I will never paint anything red again!

The laundry room is finally complete (stay tuned for a future post!) and the basement is getting in order. I've been debating whether to have someone professionally clean the basement carpet or rip it up. Decisions, decisions.

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