Monday, May 4, 2009

Where have you been?

Everyone who knows me knows that I adore maps. I have a huge map of my hometown hanging in my office and I have a nice collection of maps in a binder for reference. I was looking for gifts online and came across these great map postcards from UncommonGoods. You use thread and stitch a path across Europe or the US to show a trip you've had or places you've been. I decided that rather than spend $10 on postcards I'd make something similar for free.

I found outline maps through that I printed - one of the US and one of Europe. I then used a colored pencil and shaded in the states and countries that I've visited. They were then popped into IKEA frames I already had and art that is customizable. You could also print the maps on cardstock and use your own thread to show where you've been but I liked the idea of shading the states for a simple effect.

This serves two purposes - great art for the office and a reminder of the states/countries I still need to visit. (One of my lifetime goals is to visit every state!)


  1. Wait, you've never been to Vegas?!

  2. Nope - never been to Vegas and don't really have a desire to go. :)

  3. Heather-
    I would REALLY LIKE TO SEND YOU A PERSONAL EMAIL about your blog - is it posted or can you email me?


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