Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yard Work is Hard Work

I spent over five hours outside on Sunday working on my yard/house and I'm still sore today as proof of my hard work!

My yard work started with washing all exterior windows on my house (roughly nine windows and two glass doors). In the past I'd climb on the ladder and wash the windows using a rag and then clean the windows using Windex and paper towels. Last year I tried Windex's Outdoor Window and Surface Cleaner and I hated it. It left streaks on the windows so I had to re-clean them. I haven't given up on Windex just yet so this year I tried their new Outdoor All-in-One cleaner and I loved it. This baby cleans outdoor windows in just 3 easy steps: (1) Spray window and cleaning pad with garden hose, (2) wipe window with cleaning pad and (3) spray window with garden hose. No need to hand dry and it dries with a streak-free shine.

After the windows were done I lugged out the weed whacker and trimmed the entire yard. Next up was weeding all of my flowerbeds and digging up dandelions in the yard. I think this was the most painful and time consuming chore since my yard is FULL of dandelions. Every year I tell myself that I'll put down fertilizer that prevents dandelions and every year I forget until I see the bright pops of yellow throughout my lawn.

I ended my outdoor chores with some digging and seeding. I dug up some grass near the garage in an effort to expand my flowerbed there. This is the location I've chosen to put the container garden that I plan on having this summer. It faces south so I get plenty of sun there all day so I think my tomatoes, oregano and basil will thrive there. I laid down some black weed blocking fabric and covered it with soil that I purchased from Home Depot (who was running out of soil on Sunday!). After that back breaking work was done I laid down some grass seed next to the side of the house in an effort to cover some bare patches.

When all was done I sat back, admired my work and poured myself a big glass of juice which I then proceeded to enjoy while sitting on my newly revamped back patio. I had big plans to paint the entry doors this weekend but I ran out of time and energy. It's on the top of my list for next weekend (plus J will be here to help me remove the doors so I can paint them a little easier). I didn't get anything accomplished on Saturday since I was out of town visiting a friend but spending time with a good friend and her new baby was well worth the drive and time.

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