Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Basement Organization: Part 4

Now that the laundry room is complete I focused some time this weekend and last night on the main area of the basement. This is where my bike, the tv, the living space and my craft corner are. I bought two Rubbermaid cabinets from KMart to store games and craft supplies. Previously I had open shelving but I was unhappy with how unorganized and cluttered it looked.

Game area before:

Game area after:
I moved my wine from the dining room to the basement after reading that wine should be stored in a cooler room such as a basement. I'll likely move it or do something nicer with it but it works for now.
The games fit in the new cabinet nicely with room to grow.

I found these round woven baskets at HomeGoods for $6. Each set had three sizes - small, medium and large (large and small shown here). The large one holds decks of cards and the small one has dice in it. I like the bit of texture that these add to the white cabinets.In part 5 I'll show you the craft corner of the basement and how a simple cabinet really classes things up.


  1. H-
    LOVE it - may I ask how much the cabinet was? AND totally the way to go with putting dice and cards in baskets. I want to come over and play a game. :)

  2. Thanks! The cabinets were $99 each at my KMart. Hope that helps!

  3. I love the baskets! When we were clearing things out for carpeting this past weekend I discovered Brian has about 20 decks of cards- no lie! They need a basket and I'm going to get one ASAP- thanks for the idea!


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