Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Basement Organization: Part 5

The next section of my basement to get organized and cleaned was the craft corner. I make greeting cards and do a small amount of scrap booking so I have a bit of craft supplies to say the least. I went through my supplies and purged the things that were old or that I didn't use and didn't foresee using in the near future and then set to work putting together my new cabinet and loading it up!

Craft corner before:
I used to have a wire rolling rack for under my bed but I disassembled it long ago and used part of it on the wall to hang my craft scissors. My motto is to reuse what you've got! A small garbage can corrals gift wrap and plastic drawers organize scrap paper, tools and stamps.

Craft corner after:
The new cabinet gave me an extra shelf (the top of the cabinet) for more storage space. I hung some cork panels on the inside of the doors to hang ideas and inspiration for new layouts/cards.
The top shelf holds ribbons and adhesives while the second shelf stores paper and stickers. I sorted the sticker folders with a lid rack that you would normally use in the kitchen.
Not one to waste shelving I moved my old white shelving that was in this section to the space under the stairs to better organize my paints and extra household supplies.

Yes, all of those paint colors are actually found in or on my house!

The basement is now completely organized! Next up, figuring out whether to drywall or hang panelling that I can paint since I'm tired of looking at cinder block walls.

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  1. H-
    You should see the pictures of my Craft Room - GREAT WORK! I would love to see some of your cards or scrapbook pages since I make cards and scrapbook as well.


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