Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For the love of Target

Weekly you will find me in at least one of the two closest Targets to my home. Unfortunately I cannot go in there and leave with just the items on my list since I inevitably find something in the home section that I just have to have. To curb my in-store shopping I've started looking at their goods more online. Maybe everyone else knows this but I just discovered their "As Seen in Stores Trends" section on their website.

To get to it, go to > click the Home button at the top > then click the As Seen in Stores Trends link. You can now browse by trend. The ones I'm digging the most right now are:

Victoria Hagan - she always has classic pieces

Blanc - this stuff is no longer in my store or it is in the clearance section. Love, love, love the light colors. In fact I bought two of the beige pillows with capiz shell accents for the living room.

Miami - love the faux croc boxes and Avalon sea frames

Sunporch - the green & yellow hammered glass candleholders and yellow & white vases are gorgeous

What goods have you found lately at Target that you're dying to have or like me, are waiting for them to go on clearance?

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