Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home Updates

I have been swamped at work and don't feel like doing much when I get home but I have made a few simple updates around the house.

1. I hung up the sun prints in the guest room. The update? I decided to "borrow" a fern from J's backyard to make a new print and I love it. (update cost: $0 for fern)

2. I swapped out the big pillow on my chair in the office for a smaller one that ties into the room better. The dots are black and the same shade of blue as the walls. You can now see the beautiful chair detail better and the old pillow is in the master bedroom. (update cost: $10 for pillow from HomeGoods)

3. The placemat on the patio table was swapped out for a natural, wood one. It mirrors the pattern on the pillows so it was a natural change. (update cost: $1 for placemat from HomeGoods)

4. I bought more Vivan curtains from IKEA and hung them in the guest room and office this past weekend. Not one to waste anything, the old curtains are being gifted to my mom to use in her home. (update cost: $20 for two sets of IKEA curtains and $20 for two new curtain rods for bedroom)


  1. Love your $1 steal find placemat from Home Goods!! The new curtains are great too!

  2. I saw those sun prints in the last pottery barn catalog! Those are cool!

  3. Really?!? I don't get the pottery barn catalog. How funny! I made these myself...who knew I was as stylish as Pottery Barn. :)


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