Wednesday, June 17, 2009

House Tour: Living Room

My living room is incredibly small so I've tried to find pieces of furniture that don't overwhelm the room. The previous owners had two large couches in here plus side tables and a large entertainment center. I've brought in a couch, coffee table, chair, small side table and small entertainment center.

From front door:

From dining room:

From side window:

Details around room:
These pillows are both so cushy that I love lying my head on them! The white one is actually reversible with a green background and white detail on the other side.

The shelf above the couch has a pic of my brother and his son, the tealight I got for my birthday, a shadowbox with memorabilia, cameras that were my Papa's and a hammered glass vase.

The leather storage ottoman is a favorite piece in the room. Sitting atop it are two books (one I covered with a Michigan map) and a scalloped plate from HomeGoods.

This is the second of two succulents in the room. This clock is the only one in the room - I'm not a fan of large clocks.

The succulent, a burro from Home Depot, is sitting on one of my favorite books (The Giving Tree).

This is probably my favorite painting in the house. I love the vibrant colors.

Being that this is an old house there isn't an overhead light. I have a single floor lamp in the corner, but I've been thinking about getting a pendant lamp from CB2 to hang in the room.


  1. I just bought 4 succulets... heard they are a snap to grow (i.e. KEEP ALIVE!)? Any tips?

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I have two jades, a burro and the succulent you see above and so far they are all thriving. I've found that sunlight is best (the jade in the bathroom gets moved out for more sun periodically) and I only water them once a week or so. I bought the succulent fertilizer that I'll start using as well - my boyfriend uses it and swears by it. Hope that helps!

  3. You have door ways like me and it looks like a ceiling like my house! Love the charm in houses like that. Love the kitty in the background :-)

  4. I love the coved ceiling and the wide doorways in old houses in our area. I hate the small closets but what can you do? ;)


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