Friday, June 19, 2009

How To: Create a custom tissue holder

I despise most tissue covers since they look cheap, are hard plastic and have no textural interest at all. (Look, proof!) The other issue is cost. Who wants to spend $30 for a tissue cover no matter how perfectly it would go in the bathroom?!?

I mentioned in my bathroom storage post a few days ago that I wanted to turn the woven basket I had in there (which by the way were $6 for three at TJMaxx & HomeGoods) into a tissue holder.

  1. Keeping lid on basket, use a sharp knife to cut a square-like shape (hey, you're cutting into a woven basket - your lines won't be perfect!) opening in the middle of the lid.
  2. Clean up edges if necessary with scissors.

  3. Remove tissues from cheap-o box they came in.

  4. Remove lid from basket and place tissue wad into basket.

  5. Replace lid on basket.

  6. Pull top tissue through hole.
  7. Behold your awesome, custom tissue holder for the low cost of $2.

I love inexpensive, easy solutions like this!

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