Monday, June 29, 2009

How To: Decorate a Wine Bottle

I can't take credit for this project since I first made a decorated wine bottle a few years ago for a good friend's shower. Each person going to the shower was given a holiday or event and then decorated a wine bottle for that event so the couple would have a unique bottle of wine to open at each holiday. It was fun doing with a group of friends and even more fun to see the different bottles lined up at her shower.

Since this is wedding season I thought I'd pass along this great idea since I love it so much. You could give a bottle of wine with a set of wine glasses that the happy couple registered for or give a few bottles of wine as a gift on their own.

- Mod Podge
- brush
- bottle of wine
- decorative paper
- stickers, appliques, etc. for decoration (2D objects work best)
- paper cutter/scissors

1. Cut your paper so that it circles the entire bottle. I think it looks best if you don't cover the bottle all the way to the top so you can see some of the wine (if in a clear bottle vs. a colored bottle) and the paper looks cleaner and crisper if it's not gathered at the top.

2. Cover the back of the paper with Mod Podge or other adhesive and apply it to the bottle. Hold until it dries if necessary.

3. Glue other items onto bottle. I used a strip of textured white paper, red ribbon and a Christmas applique. I like things simple so I didn't add a lot but you can go as crazy as you want. Have fun with it!

4. Cover entire decoration with Mod Podge. This creates a clear layer over your decorations so they are sure to stay put since it bonds things a little more than just gluing them would do. I can't recall if there are different finishes for Mod Podge but mine's matte.

5. Create a label to hang around the neck. I used a circle punch and cut out a greeting from an old holiday card. I then used a hole punch to cut a small hole, thread it with gold ribbon and tied it around the neck. I signed the back and wrote what kind of wine it was (very important to note this somewhere since you'll be covering the original wine label!).

The label isn't crooked here - I was! And no I was not drinking when I made this (though I was tempted - you know - to get into the spirit of the project).

The paper I used was double sided so the label even looks interesting when you look into the bottle since you see a different design.

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