Thursday, June 11, 2009

How's it hangin'?

I've had the same white shower curtain (with small dots) for nine years but now it is starting to show its age since some spots just won't come out no matter how many times I bleach it. I started looking around at shower curtains to find one that would work in my tiny bathroom (seriously if you stood with your arms spread wide you could just about touch each wall). I was planning on staying with white since we all know how much I love a good, white linen whether it be shower curtains, bathroom towels, sheets, curtains or towels in the kitchen. I also thought about going taller with my shower curtain but since the only natural light in the room is a small window inside the shower I didn't want something that was too tall since it would keep that light from entering the room. Not to mention that I need all the light I can get in the shower during the dark, winter months so I don't accidentally cut myself shaving so I didn't want to block out the ceiling light from the shower. Make sense? I didn't think so.

Back to the curtain hunt - I checked out every store imaginable for months looking for the perfect shower curtain. My stand-by stores of TJMaxx and HomeGoods didn't have anything that I liked and Target had the same old stuff they always had...until a couple of weeks ago. I stumbled upon this gorgeous white skeletal leaf shower curtain. It was sheer so it wouldn't overpower the room (another issue I have with most shower curtains - heavy fabric just makes a small room look and feel smaller) and it was WHITE....glorious WHITE.

It looks beige here but trust me, it is white. Look at the cute, subtle leaf pattern!
My tub and sink are white; while the toilet and ceramic floor and shower tiles are almond (aka beige). This has always bothered me but I just haven't had the time or money to do something about it.
I liked it enough but it just didn't make me as happy as I thought it would. I mean, come on, we I spend a lot of time in the bathroom so it needs to make me happy. What I didn't mention is that during this same trip to Target I also saw the same shower curtain in beige with colored leaves printed on it. As previously mentioned I don't stray far from white but something about this curtain called out to me. The leaves are green, goldenrod yellow, brown, and grey on a beige background.

Look at how nice it looks next to the almond toilet. It also goes nicely with the plant, Method air freshener and brown tray that sit on top of the toilet.
I'm sticking with the beige curtain (shocker I know!) since it seems to work better with the room and it has a slight pop of color. The problem is that it doesn't exactly match my blue walls but I've been getting tired of the blue anyway (a color chosen by the old owners). What color would you paint this bathroom? Do you think I should go with white instead?


  1. love both shower curtains H - no white - how about a sage green?

  2. Good choice! I think the beige curtain looks much better. It brings the whole room together. I think you should paint the bathroom a dark beige color.

  3. I love the curtain with the colored leaves. I've seen it at Target I think- perfect!

  4. Use the new curtain for color inspiration and pick a similar tone for your wall. A version of sage, goldenrod or dark beige/brown would look nice.

  5. I like the second curtain better. I think the first one was too much white. I also think either a nice beige or sage green would look great on the walls.


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