Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lighten up

I've had the same pillows and red accents in the living room for the past four years. What can I say - I love red! I decided after seeing Katie's living room updates at Bower Power that my room was in need of some lighter accent pieces for the summer months.

Couch pillows before:

Couch pillows after:
The red and brown were replaced with a beige and white/green combo. What I love most about the new pillows (besides that the white/green ones are reversible) are that they really go well with the succulents and other accents I had in the room.

Shadow box before:

Shadow box after:
I simply swapped out the paper background for light blue vs. red.

Candle holders and frames before:

Candle holders and frames after:

The candleholders are now glass and I spray painted the black frames silver. I also swapped out the red doormat for a more neutral beige.

These simple changes really changed the entire look of the room. Goodbye dark living room...hello bright and sunny room!


  1. Those pillows make a WORLD of a difference! And, I love them!


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