Friday, June 26, 2009

Making Organization Easier

I bought a few things recently that are helping to make organization easier in my home office. I found this great leather box from HomeGoods (~$10) to store loose papers in. It holds all of the Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons I get in the mail as well as flyers that I want to keep for home improvement jobs. This keeps them all corralled in one place so that makes me happy.

Atop the leather box is an expanding folder I found at TJMaxx ($3 on clearance). I'm using this to hold all receipts for things that I buy that I may return. I have a habit of buying things, bringing them home to see how they work in my home and if I don't like them, I return them. Look at the pillow debate of 2009 (here, here and here), for instance. I love this folder since it has many pockets and a notepad where I can jot notes since some receipts are so vague that you can't figure out what is what (for example a book was written as stationary on the receipt and glasses were partyware).

My last new obsession is a dry-erase menu I found at HomeGoods ($5). I previously had an old ceramic tile from the bathroom resting against the computer monitor to use as a makeshift dry-erase board. When I saw the elegant and clean lines of the white ceramic menu (from the kitchen section) I had to have it.

There you have it. Three products that make my life so much simpler. Now if only I could find a way to force myself to balance my checking every month.


  1. Great idea with the receipts. I have the same habit of buying and returning the next day so I could use this cute little file. Great tips!

  2. I have the same set-up for my receipts. I just love that ceramic dry erase board you found too- how fun!


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