Monday, June 15, 2009

The sun did it!

I was recently reading through a favorite blog of mine (More Ways to Waste Time) and came across a post about cyanotype fabric. This fabric uses the sun to imprint images on the blue fabric but what I was excited about was the paper she mentions at the end of the post. I immediately turned to Amazon to find some paper of my own (I bought the Super Sunprint kit which comes with 15 sheets of 8x12" paper and an acrylic sheet for $13 - I scored free shipping!).

During a break from weeding yesterday I decided to try it out. The instructions are incredibly simple and it takes from 1-5 minutes so I made a few.
  1. Select an item or a black and white negative. Try using 3D objects but omit the acrylic sheet.

  2. Assemble in this order (from bottom): piece of cardboard, Sunprint paper blue side up, item, acrylic sheet.

  3. Expose to sun until paper turns almost white (from 1-5 minutes depending on the sunlight). Do not overexpose.

  4. Quickly rinse the paper with water for about 1 minute and dry flat.
I decided to try a few leaves I had around the house and the two I liked the most were the plastic leaves I have in the dining room (below) and the Zamioculcas from the guest room.

Here they are drying after sun exposure:

I bought two white 11x14" frames from Target, removed the white matting, glued the pics on pieces of brown striped craft paper and popped them in the frames.

These are going to be hung in the guest bedroom since the color goes nicely with the blue in the room and the leaves rug that I previously purchased for the room. They remind me a little of this print from Target but without the cheesy gold factor. I also made a sheet using the round place mat I have on the back patio. Here it is sitting outside while the sun does its thing:

And the print while drying (they dry much darker):

There you have it - cheap art that you can make from things you have around the house!

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  1. This looks really fun and easy! The one with the placemat is my favorite- how neat!


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