Friday, June 12, 2009

What's in your bathroom?

Since I posted about my new shower curtain yesterday I thought I'd continue with more bathroom posts. If you are anything like me and I know you are, you often wonder how people store things in their bathroom. If you are wise you won't put things in there that you wouldn't want people to see because whether you want to admit it or not, people are curious by nature and people will look!

I'm an open book with nothing to hide so let the snooping begin!
The medicine cabinet:

Yes, everything is always lined up by height. I'm OCD - deal with it. :) The toothbrush holder is actually a votive holder thingy from Pier 1 (and a gift from J's mom) and the contact paper is from Target. The little green toothbrush is Sami's - a cat needs clean teeth, too!

Under the bathroom sink:
I hung a metal basket from IKEA on the door to hold my hair styling products and a bottle of lotion. The large blue basket has mouthwash, hairbrush and hair dryer while the smaller blue basket has other hair supplies/styling tools.

Storage unit above toilet:
The two drawers hold my ponytail holders (left) and hair clips (right). The lower shelf has glass jars for cotton balls and Q-Tips while the woven basket holds bobby pins.

The fun polka dot container came with flowers that one of my closest friends sent me after my Mohs surgery but now holds facial cleaning supplies. The white woven basket (the same as the one in my office and in my back entry) holds my makeup. I used to have a makeup bag but the zipper broke and I like having it in something that I don't have to open every day.

The top of the cabinet stores my hair straightener (which is on a heat-resistant pad), makeup brushes that are in a damask-printed cup from Target (.50 cents!) and a woven basket that has tissues in it. I still need to cut an opening at the top of the basket so you can just pull the tissues out.
Extra toilet paper is in a silver holder next to the toilet and jewelry is now placed on a leaf-shaped white ceramic dish when I take it off. I used to have a wooden bowl on the sink but I've now lost two earrings down the drain so I figured I needed to move the jewelry away from the sink! Here's a close-up of that gorgeous dish. What does it remind you of? That's right - my new shower curtain!
So there you have it - my bathroom organization. I hope you enjoyed virtually snooping through my things!

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  1. Love your basket on the inside of the cabinet- what a good idea! Also really like your great .50 cent Damask cup from Target and the plant above the toilet!


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