Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Container Gardening

I have four long white flower boxes along two sides of my back patio (see below). I've tried putting flowering annuals in them but I always seem to kill the flowers mere weeks after they are planted. A few years ago I discovered Coleus and haven't looked back. I love Coleus since they come in many varieties, sizes, shapes, and colors but the best part is that they are drought tolerant and impossible for me to kill - trust me, I've tried. I used to plant only Coleus in the boxes for eye candy that lasted until fall but this year I decided to add in some flowers (shocking I know, what with my history of flowers).

I can't recall what these are called but they have delicate white flowers and they hang out of the boxes for added interest.

They still have some growing to do but I love the mix of the delicate, white flowers with the large, colorful leaves that the Coleus provide to the boxes. Simple, elegant, easy.

With that I'm off for the long holiday. Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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