Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost Art

I love getting cards and letters in the mail. These days everyone is so busy you're lucky to get a quick comment on your blog or Facebook page or a two sentence email let alone an actual letter. There is just nothing like opening your mailbox and seeing a nice envelope addressed to you with the return address of someone you love.

I still write letters to my Grandmother mostly but on occasion friends and other family members. I make cards to send so I don't normally buy cards anymore but I love finding inexpensive but pretty paper to write letters on. I recently purchased some green and blue trimmed paper from Marshalls. Each box has 20 sheets of paper and 20 envelopes for the low cost of $1.99. The paper is linen, the graphic border is gorgeous and the envelopes are even lined in the cool patterns. Who wouldn't love to get a letter on this paper in the mail? (Mom - one is on the way!)

I have a writing 'station' of sorts in the office. I filled an old box I covered in checkered contact paper years ago with assorted cards and the new paper/envelopes above. I placed this on a cool white tray I bought at Target last year on clearance for $6 that was previously in the dining room along with a pen and pencil that have my name engraved on them (gift from the 'rents). I also filled a white woven basket from Cost Plus World Market with more stationary and my address book and a round woven basket is full of address labels and stamps.

This tray is stored on the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases in the office. I can easily grab the entire tray to take into the living room to write a letter to send to a loved one or I can simply grab the address book or stamps since they are in easy reach.

Come on...let's keep the postal system in business and send actual cards and letters to our loved ones! Sending actual mail really is a lost art.


  1. I totally agree! Also, I love your letter writing station... so cute.

  2. are so right! I use to write my grandma greeting cards and letters all the time because she loved it. I miss that!

  3. I will write to you! I love letter writing :)


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