Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Protecting your investments

In a perfect world I'd own an animal that doesn't shed but my little butterball cat sheds...a lot. I adopted her from a coworker so she had some bad habits when I got her such as stealing french fries, tearing into a bag of bread that you leave on the counter and jumping up on furniture. I know, some people don't mind pets on furniture but I do when it means you have to vacuum the cushions constantly if you don't want to be covered in pet fur.

I love when people stop by and if I have enough notice I do a quick pick-up of the living areas and quickly run the vacuum over the furniture and in the bathroom to pick up my own stray hairs. However, sometimes people stop by unexpectedly and let's face it, there are times you are just too busy to clean before they come by.

I cover my living room chair with a pet blanket (from IKEA for $4.99) that I can quickly remove from the chair and toss in the spare bedroom. It saves me the hassle of vacuuming the chair since all I then have to do is quickly run the tape brush over the back of the chair to remove stray hairs.

Sure it's not the prettiest but the only people who usually see it are me and J. But what do I do about the couch? Nothing yet. Surefit recently came out with Pet Covers for chairs, sofas, and loveseats. I like that it covers the back and arms (Sami loves to lay on the arms) of the sofa as well but is it really worth $50?


  1. I so need these. Our German Shorthair doesn't shed much, but what she does shed are small wirey hairs that weave into the fabric of the couch and chair and are super hard to remove. Our couch and chair in the living room are not in great shape, but I am allergic to cats and dogs, so I can never even sit in them unless they're vaccuumed.

    I may get some of these...or at least check ebay for some lesser expensive knock offs!

  2. I use plain fleece blankets to trap my puggle's hair. They don't look as nice as these, or fit as well, but they work well, but you do have to remember to fold them inward so no stray hair flies away. If you were somewhat crafty, you could probably get the material from the fabric store and make them.

  3. What a great idea! I don't have a pet yet, but when I do, I will definitley be using these. Thanks! :)

  4. Not worth $50, but you could easily make them... I could help you make a pattern for your couch :)


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