Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Twist and shout

In my last post I mentioned all the things I hated about my back door: 1) blinds, 2) window pane was loose, 3) needed a paint job, and 4) I hated the hardware. This past weekend I tackled all of these issues. I started by replacing the blinds with window film and I fixed the issue of the loose pane with some weather stripping.

Sunday morning I loved the look of the door but it still needed updates so I got to work. I first filled in the holes from the blind mounting brackets and around the frame. I then painted the door a glossy white. Well, it was already white so I just added two fresh new coats to the interior side of the door, the side of the door, and the molding framing the door.

The final fix to the door was to remove the old brass lock and handle and replace them with oil rubbed black handles/locks that matched those on the front door. I also painted over the old hinges with the white paint since the brass didn't exactly match the new knobs/lock. Aren't they beautiful?

The door is no longer an eyesore and I'm pretty proud of the work I did. All of the projects took a total of:
- 15 minutes to measure, cut and install the film
- 7 minutes to find the weather stripping and install it
- 30 minutes to give the door two coats of paint (with drying time between)
- 15 minutes to remove the old hardware and install the new hardware

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