Monday, July 27, 2009

Upcoming project

I made a lot of progress on some projects this past weekend. I have a full schedule this week and for the next few weekends so I'm trying to squeeze in projects whenever I can (which is hard when you try to balance a personal life with work and home projects!). Here's a hint at what is coming hopefully in the next week or two:

Gee, can you guess which part of my house is next to be cleaned/organized?


  1. I have one of those yard tool organzers you can have if you want it! I didnt like it, and preferred to have my tools hanging on the garage walls instead...

  2. Thanks for the generous offer! I actually bought one of the corner ones to replace my wall hanging aparatus. Funny how we're the complete opposite with our garage tool organization.

    (can't wait for updates about the baby!!!!!)

  3. I have the corner one as well! We bought it the beginning of the summer because everything was all over the place. I love the thing!


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