Friday, July 24, 2009

Updates to site

I added a Source List and Floor plan to the navigation bar of 'at home with H.'

If you ever wanted to know where I got something found in my home, you can now view my home source list by going here. To see the rooms in more detail and to read a little about each room, click the House Tour links.

Additionally, if you were curious about the floor plan for my small home click here. I added these pages in Google Sites to try something different. We'll see if I keep it there but for now I'm digging it.

Lastly, I created a background image for the blog. As much as I love white I decided that it was *too* white so I made a background tile that I simply added to the blogger template and voila - pattern and color! Granted, it's beige so there isn't much color but color nonetheless. I also uploaded this background to my Google Sites page so while they are two sites, they look cohesive.

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