Friday, August 14, 2009

Garage Cleanup

My garage has become a dumping ground lately. Last weekend I spent three hours cleaning and organizing the garage and I'm thrilled with the results of my hard work.



What I did:
  • Placed everything in the garage in three piles: recycle, trash and keep
  • Bought and assembled a metal shelf for gardening supplies
  • Bought and assembled a corner tool organizer that I put in the corner near the garage door so the tools are easily accessible. I also hung a large dustpan here and moved my garden cart to this area as well
  • Hung large plastic-coated hooks (that were already in the garage) in various places to hold my folding sawhorses, yard trimmer, lawn chairs, and cords
  • Moved rarely-used items to the rafters, such as the large red bucket that's used solely for parties
  • Bought a storage tub to hold winterizing items (faucet covers, air conditioner cover, tarp to cover patio table) - I already had my tools in the other tub
  • Bought a cord keeper wheel to store my larger cable for the yard trimmer
  • Bought three small green containers to store gardening supplies and the papers/extra cables for my bike rack
  • Bought three black containers to store miscellaneous items
  • Bundled cords for tools using ratcheting cord keepers
  • Swept the floor
I still need to call a concrete crusher to have them take away the broken concrete pieces and return the old car battery that is currently under the ladder. I'd also like to remove the black stuff from the walls - apparently the old owners hung roofing paper on the walls to cover insulation. It's falling off and doesn't serve a purpose so down it comes!

You're probably wondering why the bike isn't hanging on the walls or from the ceiling and the answer is that it is too hard for me to get down by myself. :) Also, the bike is in the garage in the late spring/summer/early fall only - in the fall it gets moved to the basement until the snow melts again. Also I was told from the fine folks at the local bike shop that it isn't good to keep a bike in the colder garage during the winter due to possible damage to the tires.

Cost breakdown:
  • Green and black containers: $6 (DollarTree)
  • Orange cord keeper wheel: $8 (WalMart)
  • Black cord keeper: $.98 (WalMart)
  • Metal shelving: $19 (WalMart)
  • Tool organizer: $20 (Ace Hardware)
  • Beige tub: $5 (Target)
  • Hooks: $0 (already had)
  • Cord keepers for tools in bin and pressure washer: $4 (WalMart)
Total: $62.98

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