Wednesday, August 26, 2009

House Lust

While on Mackinac Island I was impressed with the beautiful homes and gorgeous lawns. I could never live there since I'm sure I'd get fined for not mowing my lawn every week or because I have a black thumb when it comes to most plants/flowers. I didn't take nearly as many pictures of the homes as I should but here were my favorite three.

House 1: This charming home had a huge front porch, a beautiful garden and such character.

House 2: This is my dream home. I love the cedar siding, the intricate windows, the high pitch of the roof and the grand front porch.
House 3: Okay, so I don't have a picture of the house since the yard had me at hello. I could spend hours sitting on the swing staring at the Mackinac Bridge.

Have you found your dream home? Do you already live in it? Have you been to Mackinac Island and been as taken with the homes as I was? Do tell.


  1. Oooooh, I haven't been to Mackinac in SO long! I forget how quaint and beautiful it is up there.

  2. I haven't been there in so long. But my step-dad worked with the horses at the Grand Hotel for years. It's beautiful.

    And don't worry about the black thumb... if you can afford to live in those houses, you can afford a gardener. :)

    I'm not a huge fan of horses or that stupid canon. The rest of the island i love.


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