Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To: Cover a Cat Scratcher

During some down time last night I decided to do a quick craft project for Sami. Sami loves her scratching much so that she sleeps on it sometimes. (I can't really say that I find sleeping on cardboard comfortable but she does.) The box is in the living room between the couch and the sofa in hopes that she uses it to sharpen her claws rather than my furniture. I buy the scratching boxes they sell at Trader Joe's so they are very plain and well, kind of ugly.

My project was simply to cover the outside of the box with some contact paper I had left over from lining the hall closet and bathroom cabinets.
  1. Remove the lid from the box.

  2. Cut contact paper so there is enough to go up and over into the box on all four sides.

  3. Make four cuts at the corners so the paper will be able to wrap around the box.

  4. Wrap either the two long sides or two short sides of the box. Pull the paper taut and smooth away any wrinkles.
  5. Wrap the remaining two sides of the box.
  6. Place the cardboard into the box.
  7. Place the box in its desired location.
This certainly was not a project that needed to be done around the house but it makes looking at her scratching box more tolerable and it was a nice break from doing laundry. Now if only I could find a way to teach her to put her small mice and jingle balls away after playing with them.


  1. I actually found 3 mouse toys and several jingle balls when we were doing the laundry room project. All from the previous owner who had 2 cats. And now I'm thinking about getting a cat. Hmmm... think I could get away with not buying those things?

  2. No way! I buy this as well!!! I hid it behind a chair in my living room because I didn't like the way it looked. lol Nice job!


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