Friday, August 7, 2009

Keeping it Glassy

I recently added two glass display containers to my home. I love glass almost as much as I love white ceramic.

I bought a large glass vase on clearance at TJMaxx for $3 (originally $19.99) for the sole purpose of displaying my collection of postcards. I got the idea from Young House Love's article in R Home magazine. Now my postcards are on display rather than sitting in a box in the closet!

(Do the glass jars in that article look familiar? Yep, I also got the idea to display keepsakes in mason jars from them as well!)

The other glass container I have is a simple cylinder from the Dollar Tree. I bought some soap on clearance from Pier 1 (from $1-2 each) to fill the container. This sits on the back of the toilet where my jade plant used to be. I found that the jade wasn't getting enough sun so I moved it to the living room. The scented soap not only has colors that match my shower curtain but they smell divine as well.

(see the beige paint in the left-hand corner? I was hoping to use paint I already have to paint the bathroom but in the lighting in there the kitchen color looked almost identical to the color of the wall and floor tiles.)

How do you display things in your home?

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