Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lick It!

A salt lamp is a natural chunk of salt rock taken from the mines found beneath the Himalayan Mountains. The chunk of salt is shaped, mounted to a wooden base, and drilled to form a hole that can accommodate a candle or a light bulb safely. When in use the Himalayan Salt Lamp acts as a natural ionizer, releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, counteracting the unhealthy build up of positive ions produced by many modern day materials and appliances such as computers, televisions, air conditioners, tobacco smoke and many other by-products.

At home: Salt crystal lamps are thought to promote comfort, relaxation and a healthy environment. Those with allergies and asthma have found Salt crystal lamps a welcome addition to their living space. A few lamps around smoky areas will clear away those lingering smells faster. Salt crystal lamps are also used in the color therapy, i.e. chromotherapy. Their soothing light helps neurotic persons and people suffering from insomnia.

In the office: The glow of a salt lamp stimulates the senses thus helping to improve focus and concentration while minimizing the effects of fatigue, stress, artificial lighting, forced air heating systems, and the radiation from office equipment and computer terminals.

I'm not sure how much I believe it but I'm willing to try if they will help with allergies and fatigue as it claims. Where can you find salt lamps? I've seen them in specialty stores, TJMaxx and most recently, a gift shop in Mackinaw City. Have you ever seen so many salt lamps in one place?!? The display was amazing.

I didn't bring one home with me since they were pricey at this particular store but I plan on getting a small one soon for my bedroom to test it out.


  1. Are you supposed to sleep with the light on?

  2. Whether or not you leave the lamp on at night has to do with whether the illumination will reduce your ability to get to sleep.

    My son has used a Sphere Salt Lamp as a night light for years and it is a soothing light to him.

    If the light doesn't bother you then it is better on than off. The lamp generates more negative ions (the kind you want) when heated by the bulb, less so when it is room temperature.

    You can read about how Salt Lamps are carved from 250 million year old Himalayan Salt at

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  4. I saw these at the mall and I loved them just based on their color and earthy appearance. I had no idea what they were. Now I want one even more!


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