Monday, August 10, 2009

Paint Time!

I gathered numerous green and beige paint cards from Home Depot and Lowes...

I narrowed down those choices and bought six samples of Glidden paint from Home Depot to test the colors...
They were too dark or too light or I just wasn't loving them. So I decided to save money and use a color I loved that I already had. I painted the bathroom the same color as the kitchen.

I was scared that it was too similar to the tile but I really like it in this space. The room feels 10x bigger than it previously did. Since this tile isn't anything spectacular I didn't really want to call attention to it by painting the walls a completely different color like the previous owners did. I have a vision for the room that won't come to fruition until I figure out some other details but I'll give you a hint - not all of the existing tile will remain and something else will be swapped out in this space in the near future as well.


  1. what do I see...a dark towel? shocking! the rooms looks the mirror.

  2. Yes, you see a brown towel! I still have my stack of white towels and actually use one white and one brown each morning. (the white towel is on the bar that hangs inside the shower)

    Glad you like the room - it was a labor of love (in the crazy humidity we had this weekend!).


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