Thursday, August 27, 2009

Put a Cork in It

I have peel and stick tile in my kitchen and ceramic tiles in the bathroom. I really want to replace both floors with an eco-friendly product and I'm leaning towards cork. The bathroom floor was re grouted a little over a year ago but the grout is coming up again since the floor is uneven. (I noticed this once things started sliding off the back of the toilet!) Why cork you ask? Great question! Cork flooring is:
  • warm
  • comfortable underfoot
  • durable
  • easy to clean
  • resilient
  • mold/mildew resistant
  • acoustic insulator
  • thermal insulator
  • insect resistant
  • fire inhibitor
  • scratch resistant
I've been looking online for styles and prices. You can get it in square tiles or in mosaics of cut up wine bottle corks. There are so many choices that I'm having a hard time deciding what I like.

Does anyone have any experience with cork flooring? Is it easy to install? Surprisingly it is recommended for bathrooms - just don't let soaking wet rugs on the floor!


  1. Interesting that it can be used in the bathroom! I've never used it, but I know that they install it quite often on the HGTV shows...there might be some good info on their website??

  2. I love cork floors! I really want them in my house. When I visited Falling Water in PA, I noticed that not only did they have (original) cork floors in the bathrooms, but cork walls as well :)


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