Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Closet Organization

We all know how much I love to organize closets! Remember my hall closet makeover? I thought I'd share a few of my favorite organizational tools when it comes to organizing the clothing closet in your home.

Let's start with my coat closet. I received the two smaller totes as a house warming gift and I absolutely love the purpose they serve in my hall closet. The striped one holds all of my winter gloves (living in MI you have to have a lot of winter gloves!) and the solid light blue one holds undergarments (skiing socks, thermal underwear, neck warmer for skiing, etc.). I then bought the larger blue tote to hold my ski pants, waterproof pants and gaiters. All three totes are from Bed, Bath and Beyond. (eyelet totes and canvas bins)

I bought heavier wood hangers to hang all of my coats on from TJMaxx (5 for $4.99). Yes those are all MY coats/jackets/vests! These hangers are very similar to these from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I also bought trouser hangers for my scarves (similar to these also 5 for $4.99). These can be hooked together to save space on the closet rod - love them!
A simple wire rack holds boots, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and dress shoes that I wear often. ($14.99 from KMart) I store flip flops in a plastic shoe box under the rack to keep them organized.

Hooks hanging on the inside of the door hold often-worn scarves and hats. While they aren't worn right now they remain here year-round to keep things simple.
The basket for hats is from IKEA and hooks can be found at any big box or hardware store. The smaller of these baskets gets hung in the dining room in my entrance area during the winter for an easy spot to place the gloves/hat worn that day.

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