Friday, September 18, 2009

Adding Height

I have been looking for something to hang over the guest bedroom headboard to draw more attention to the bed and also give the room a little more height. I found two square detailed mirrors from TJMaxx ($13 each) that I knew would be perfect in the space.

I first held the mirrors up to determine at which height they should be hung. I then measured the mirrors and the headboard to determine how far to indent them on each side so that they were equally spaced and centered above the bed. I decided to use Command Picture Hangers for this project since they are easy to remove from the walls and the mirrors weren't exceptionally heavy.

You first put the hangers together, place them on what you want to hang and then press it against the wall. Once you peel the art from the wall, some hangers should stay on the wall and others stay on the piece you are hanging. You then press them for 30 seconds and then let them sit for an hour. To rehang, just line up the hangers.

The mirrors were originally a dark brown color - perfect if I was using them in the living room but the bedroom has light wood colors and white so I decided to do what I do best - paint them white.

Of course since the back is a mirror I had to not only paint the outside of the entire piece but the inside as well so white is reflected in the mirror.

I love the dimension they add to the room. They had three patterns at TJMaxx but the circles were by far my favorite - in fact I saw them from the end of the aisle and rushed toward them before anyone else grabbed them up!


  1. I just love your craftiness....actually, I'm super jealous :)

  2. These are fantastic and I am in love with the color of the room. You really are making this house wonderful and beautiful.


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