Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn is Here!

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and I have a list of things I'd like to have fixed/looked at before winter.
  • Check insulation in attic - possibly add more
  • Replace roof on garage
  • Replace roof on patio
  • Check into gutter guards
  • Replace existing slate stepping stones with concrete walk (easier for shoveling!)
I have a home improvement company coming to my home next Thursday (October 1!) to give me quotes for all of the above except the concrete walk. Hopefully the estimates won't send me into a shock like the fence estimate did!

What projects do you have on your to-do list before winter?


  1. Painting parts of the exterior of my home. For some reason, I just didn't find the time to get to them all either.

  2. Hmmmm....before winter?
    Finish our kitchen remodel - refacing cabinets and adding a tile backsplash ... project started BEFORE Aria was born and still isn't complete!!!!


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