Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing Something Worthwhile

I always receive yellow postcards in the mail indicating that someone needs my donations. Generally these organizations are either the Vietnam Veterans of America or the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKF). I often donate to both of these since 1) I like to feel like I am helping those in need and 2) I am too lazy to take my stuff to Goodwill or even to drop it off in those collection bins outside of some stores. I certainly have enough things to donate:

The NKF is the latest to arrive in my mailbox and they'll be on my street September 18. All I need to do is box up the stuff I want to donate and place it on the curb outside of my home by 8 am. They need:
  • Clothing (all types and sizes)

  • Clothing accessories

  • Shoes (all kinds)

  • Bedding items/linens

  • Houseware and Glassware

  • Small items/bric-a-brac

  • Toys, games

  • Tools

  • Costumes/seasonal items
They then sell these items to a local charity store who then sells the items to the public. These are tax-deductible contributions so I urge everyone to donate your used goods to organizations like these if you can!

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