Monday, September 14, 2009

Jewelry Organization

I have a lot of jewelry and I've tried numerous ways to organize everything. Here's how it is all organized today:

Dangle earrings are draped over the edge of a small white bowl ($1 from Target) and other favorite earrings are stored in the white bowl from Anthropologie.

I bought this tiered black leather jewelry organizer six years ago ($8 at TJMaxx) and I still love it. The sections swivel out rather than unstacking which I love. The layers hold (from top): bracelets (chunky), earrings, bracelets (delicate), watches, rings. The section for earrings is divided into four smaller sections and the ring section has the rolls that you place your rings between (I have no idea what those are called but you know what I'm talking about!).

I hang my long necklaces on the wall next to my closet. These used to be next to the vanity but they looked too busy there so I moved them.

I simply used plain picture hooks that I bought at Target ($1.99 for ten I think). My trusty level came in hand to hang them in a straight line.

My non-costume jewelry is stored in a jewelry portfolio that my mom gave me years ago. She used to sell Avon, thus the Avon jewelry portfolio.

I love the snaps for necklaces. The other side has places for bracelets and earrings but I just store necklaces in here for now. The portfolio is great since the necklaces don't get tangled and I just slip this into the top drawer of my vanity for safekeeping.

Speaking of the top drawer of my vanity - here it is! This drawer also holds various boxes with jewelry in it. A diamond necklace is in the black portfolio, vintage family jewelry is in the white box, a strand of pearls from a friend is in the purple box, sterling silver necklaces are in the red box (I keep them in their original plastic bags so the silver doesn't tarnish), an opal ring is in the red bag, and my sorority badge is in the green box.

My smaller costume jewelry hangs on hooks on the inside of the closet door under my scarves. I rarely wear these but haven't gotten rid of some of them yet. Mostly they are jewelry I wore in various weddings along with a fun necklace I got in Spain.

I even use jewelry as art. My Great Grandmother's pocket watch is displayed in a white Ikea frame that hangs over my dresser. I put fun paper behind it to add a little whimsy. My Grandmother would probably have a heart attack if she saw that this wasn't locked up since this was a cherished piece from her mother, but I wanted to be able to admire it each day so I decided to display it instead. This will be incorporated into my wedding some day as well as my something old. :)

There you have it - my jewelry organization. It may seem disjointed since I have things in various places but it works for me and I know where everything is.

How do you organize your jewelry?


  1. This is my recent jewelry organization project... and great for decor! -- Jewelry Frames!

  2. I love the watch in its frame - I think your Grandmother would be happy to know that you are able to see and appreciate her treasured jewelery everyday :)

    I recently organized my dressing area and that included some jewelry organization.


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