Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Closet Organization

I'm back with fun storage solutions for your bedroom closet. My closet is tiny and originally had one bar and one shelf. I added in a second bar using a bar and supports from Home Depot.

The hangers are ultra slim flocked hangers from Bed, Bath and Beyond. These allow a crazy amount of clothing to be hung on each rack since they take up practically no space. I added a bin to the top shelf to hold workout socks since I don't have the drawer space for them.

You can barely see it but next to the top clothing rack is a double hook that holds belts. I have one on each side of the closet for my many, many belts. You can buy a simple hook like this from any hardware or big box store.
Under the bottom rack of clothing, on the floor are two storage containers that hold my pajamas and scarves. I got these at HomeGoods for less than $10 each. I adore these fabric covered boxes since they look nice and serve a great purpose for a room that doesn't have much clothing storage.
Lastly I have hooks on the inside of the closet door that currently have more scarves draped on them. These are in the bedroom rather than in the coat closet since they are scarves for outfits - not winter scarves that I would just wear with a coat.
Since I live alone I've taken over the second bedroom closet as well. My dream is to have a large cedar closet built downstairs but until that happens I just use every closet in the house. This closet also just had a single rod and shelf.

The shelf is stacked with plastic shoe boxes that are neatly labeled to tell me quickly which shoes are inside. I use these great friction four tier pants hangers for my work pants and the matching skirt hangers for my capris.

I wanted to add drawers to this closet but it wasn't wide enough and doors wouldn't open all the way due to how shallow the closet is so instead I added wire shelving from Target ($12.99) to store my sweaters and larger purses. Since I was getting imprints from the shelving on my sweaters I simply added some shelf liner to each shelf.

Two baskets on top of the shelving hold my growing collection of hats (gotta protect your head/face from the sun!) and smaller purses/wallets.

These solutions aren't anything special or new but I love how easy they make organization and how clean my closets are. How do you organize your clothing closets?

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  1. For some reason, I just love looking at the way people organize their closets.... Thanks for sharing, you've really figured out how to store everything!


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