Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Problem Solved!

As mentioned many times my kitchen is tiny and I don't have much counter space for storage. I've cut myself pulling knives out of my kitchen drawer so I decided that I needed to find a better solution.

I bought a wooden drawer rack from TJMaxx to try out but I didn't like how the knives were placed not to mention that the drawer wouldn't shut all the way.

I thought about going the wall-mounted route but I was nervous about having knives stuck on a metal bar on the wall plus I've heard that these bars can dull the knife.

What I really wanted was an under cabinet knife rack but I just couldn't justify spending $40 on one. I've had my family on the lookout for one of these racks but no one could find the elusive bugger...until now. My mother found an under cabinet knife rack at Goodwill for $1! Yep - a buck.

I simply bought a bag of nuts/bolts for $0.98 from Home Depot to hang it with and voila - a new knife rack!

I simply made a template for the holes, taped the template to the underside of the cabinet, drilled holes and then screwed in the bolts (from inside the cabinet) and tightened with the nuts. It doesn't get any easier or cheaper!

How do you store knives in your kitchen? Do you have a dedicated drawer? A rack like mine? A block on the counter?


  1. I don't even own any good knifes (I'm more baker than cook. The few I do own happen to fit in a drawer. This would be a great solution for when my boyfriend moves in because like you, I'm seriously lacking in counterspace!

  2. Goodwill to the rescue!
    We have a lot of counter space so my knives live in a block on the counter. I had them tucked away while we were painting and missed having them so accessible.
    Growing up my mom had an under cabinet tray that slid down and could even accommodate a chef's knife. It was really slick, I'd love to find one like that.

  3. I love your under the cabinet idea for storing the knives. I have a set of Cutco knives and three small children so I keep them up in a high cabinet. It's a bit of pain to climb up on the chair each time I need them but I am too worried to keep them lower!

    I was born and raised in Southfield until a few years ago when I moved to Wyoming. I got to your bog today from "Danielle & Clint". It's a great blog you have here!


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