Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reducing the Clutter

I love to read. I read most anything but have a fondness for suspense novels and chick lit. I bought two bookcases a few years ago from a local furniture store to store my growing collection of books. I realized, however, the other day that I don't always reread them. There are some authors that I reread constantly (Jane Green, Jodi Picoult, Carol Goodman and Sophie Kinsella to name a few) while other books are bought, read once and then sit on my bookcases taking up space. I started donating books to libraries last year and got my collection under control but I think it's time to make the effort to reduce the book clutter once again.

Bookcases last year after first attempt at thinning out

This week is "Green Week" at work so we get little gifts each day along with programs we have going on. What I think is the coolest program is our Media Swap where you bring in your old books, CDs and movies (either VHS or DVD) to swap for new-to-you media. Anything left over at the end of the week will be donated to the city library. Additionally the library in my city is collecting book donations through October 19 for their yearly book sale.
I could try to sell my books online to places like Amazon or or to local used bookstores (in fact I've sold old CDS to with great results) but I think I'll donate a few to the library since let's face it, I like to donate things to worthwhile causes.

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  1. I'm pretty sure if you donate books to a library, you can actually deduct the full price of the book, instead of the second-hand resale price (because the library might add them to their collection, instead of selling them). I could be wrong, but I seem to remember that is why my mom always donated books to the library and not to Goodwill. Please post pics of your bookcases post-purge :)


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