Friday, October 30, 2009

Cleaning Up

I recently went to the Dollar Tree in search of black crows that other bloggers posted about to add to my Halloween decor (I updated the Halloween posts 1 and 2 with my new crows). While there I checked out the cleaning section and was amazed at how many microfiber cleaning cloths they had. I left the store with three new cloths (and my two crows) in hand.
I've been using microfiber cleaning cloths for over a year now and just love them but I'm always looking for other options. The ones I have to clean my furniture are from Target (sorry, I don't remember the brand) and they are okay but my new one (the cream one above) is amazing. It's a little thicker than my old ones but not plush like a bathtowel. You can use it with a cleaner, with a little water (so rag is damp), or dry.

The thick blue ones are for cleaning the bathroom and they, too, work wonders. They have a polishing side that is perfect for cleaning my chrome faucet and handles since it doesn't leave any streaks.

The blue cloth for glass is by far the most superior of anything I've used. You can use it wet or dry and it cleans your windows or mirrors so that they sparkle without any visible streaks. No more Windex! This is the thinnest of the cloths and is made of 70% polyester so it feels a little smooth to the touch vs. the other ones.

I also use cloths from Trader Joe's that I love to clean the tub and the kitchen in addition to the cloths I've shown here. Most places sell microfiber cloths now so find the ones that are right for you. Remember, if you use microfiber cloths be sure to avoid chlorine bleach and launder them separately or with non-linting articles to maintain their cleaning abilities and do not use fabric softener or dyer sheets!

My next step towards ridding my home of unnecessary paper products is to start using linen napkins.

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