Monday, October 12, 2009

End of Season

Autumn is the best time to buy perennials since the prices are deeply discounted. This weekend we visited Detroit's Eastern Market where I bought some fall decorations:

We also went to the Bordine Nursery where perennials were 50% off. I paid $5 for each of these. I couldn't believe how big they are!


Ajania Pacifica:

Finally, we went to English Gardens where their perennials are 50% off. I paid $6 for each of these Ice Dance Sedge ornamental grasses.

I'm planting the grasses and Foxglove in the front flowerbed (south side) and the Ajania Pacifica will go in the west flowerbed. The Foxglove likes sun to part shade so I'll put it in the one section of that flowerbed that is mostly shaded due to my large tree that blocks the front of the house.

How do you know where to plant along your home's foundation?
  • Sun-loving plants may do fine on the south, east and west sides of your house.
  • Those that like hot sun will do well on the south and west sides
  • Those that do not like heat will do better on the east side in morning sun.
  • Those that prefer shade to part sun will do well on the east side and northeast corner.
  • Those needing full or heavy shade will do well along the center of the north wall.

As you move further out away from the building, beyond whatever shade it casts, you have full sun conditions assuming there are no neighboring trees or obstructions.

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