Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's Electrifying!

When I had my kitchen remodeled the contractor discovered some really old wiring behind the stove. He was scared to hook back up my hood vent but eventually did so with the caution that I should contact an electrician to look at the wiring. That was over two years ago.

I finally have an appointment tomorrow to have someone come look at the kitchen wiring and hopefully replace the wiring with nice, new, non-fire hazard wiring. I'm also hoping to have him install an outlet for an over the range microwave/hood combo so I can free up some more counter space. Don't you love the nice hole that is behind my stove? It's normally covered with a metal splash guard that covers the wall but I took the guard down so the electrician can see what I'm talking about tomorrow.

I'm also having him look at the overhead light in the kitchen since the wiring up there is crazy. In fact, one look at the wiring and my father and I decided not to replace the existing light fixture since we were scared of what might happen to us!

Has anyone had any negative experiences with over the range microwaves?


  1. So far no. I actually don't use a microwave that much though. We got ours from Sears.

  2. This is our second home with an over the range microwave - I really like them. The only downside is that the vent fan, doesn't really vent (maybe they can vent it outside at your house?), it just sort of moves the air around.

  3. We have had ours for 5 years ago we haven't had a any problems. It's also a GE. Good luck and I hope it's nothing major that needs fixing!


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