Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky 2

I'm back with the few decorations I placed outside this year. I already decorated for fall so for Halloween I simply added some spider webbing and black leaves to my existing decorations.

The fall wreath on my front door got covered with black sparkly leaves garland from Michaels ($4). I saw some cool black wreaths at various stores for $20+ but for just $4 I was able to transform a wreath I already owned by simply wrapping the leaves around the metal wreath. When Halloween is over I'll simply remove the black leaves.

My flower stand was filled with extra burlap, a white pumpkin from the Farmer's Market, fall garland ($1) and some fake gourds from Michaels ($2.50 for five) for fall. For Halloween I simply added some faux spider webbing and a black crow ($1).

I also hung up spider webbing on the sides of the porch but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

Cost breakdown:
  • Spider webbing (already included in cost for inside so....) = $0
  • Black crow (Dollar Tree) = $1
  • Faux gourds (Michaels) = $5
  • Black leaves garland (Michaels) = $4
  • Orange pumpkin (Farmer's Market) = $4
  • White pumpkin (Farmer's Market) = $2
Total = $16

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