Monday, October 26, 2009


I decorate for Halloween every other year. I don't know why but I don't always get out the creepy decorations. When I looked through my decorations this year I decided that I had to get some new items to supplement the old. The dining room, living room and front porch got a little spooky this year without going over the top since I like to keep decorations to a minimum.

The dining room table is a small round table so I didn't want to overwhelm it with too many decorations. I usually only have a single bowl or other decorative element in the center but for Halloween I decided to add a glitter black pumpkin, a white faux pumpkin, a black crow, some candle holders, a sheer white table runner, and dead branches in a mercury vase.

The shelving in the dining room was also decorated for the holiday. I kept the white ceramics on the top shelf and added a mercury candle holder (that kind of mimics the shape of a pumpkin) with a black candle. I removed the white ceramic bird from the second shelf and simply added some bat wood cutouts that I spray painted black.
The postcards were removed from the glass container and replaced with some red velvet and a candle I already had in the house. A $1 foam black cutout from JoAnn's and an orange pumpkin candle replaced the wine wreath I normally have on the third shelf.

I printed out a bat and witch image from Google to place over postcards in the tray, moved the candle holder from the top shelf here and and just added some black feathers that I already owned to it, added a mercury finial and a glitter pumpkin on the next shelf.

The plant was covered with fake spiderweb to give it a little creepiness.

The living room had a few pops of Halloween added. I added a piece of burlap to the top of the television stand, popped a pumpkin candle on top and added a mercury candle holder with a black candle. More black bat cutouts were added to the candles on the shelves above the TV.

The bats were simply spray painted black and attached to the candles using double sided foam pieces.

I swapped out the books on the leather ottoman next to the chair with spookier books and added a white ceramic candy dish.

The candy dish holds candy corn - my favorite Halloween treat!

That's it for the inside of the house. Reusing items you already have around the house saves on cost and also allows you to reuse things you have in an unconventional way.

Cost breakdown:
  • Black glitter pumpkins (Target) = $5 and $3
  • Black crow (Dollar Tree) = $1
  • White faux pumpkin (Michaels) = $4
  • Branches (from front yard) = $0
  • Mercury vase (already owned from Anthropologie) = $0
  • Glass candle holders and white candles (already owned from Pier 1) = $0
  • White table runner (Target) = $5
  • Black candle holder (Marshall's) = $1
  • Black feathers (already owned from JoAnn's) = $0
  • Bat cutouts (Michaels) = $.80 for four
  • Black spray paint (already owned) = $0
  • Faux spiderweb (Michaels) = $1
  • Velvet and candle (already owned) = $0
  • Orange pumpkins (already owned) = $0
  • Black foam cat (JoAnn's) = $1
  • Mercury finial (Marshall's) = $3
  • Mercury candle holders (already owned) = $0
  • Black candles (Michaels) = $.50 for two
  • Bat and witch printouts = $0
  • Burlap (leftover from yard project) = $0
  • Books (already owned) = $0
  • White ceramic pumpkin candy dish (already owned) = $0
Total = $25.30


  1. Janis from ScotlandOctober 26, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    Glad to see you back and hope everything is okay. Room looks really good. We celebrate Halloween but not to the extent Americans do which is a shame. We'll put up our fake pumpkin lanterns etc but that's about it.

  2. looks great. wish I could decorate...missing that!


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