Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Decor

I don't really go over-the-top with Fall decor, or really any holiday decor. I like small touches in the main living spaces and that's it (as shown in my Halloween decor). On November 1, I took down all of my Halloween decor and left in its place some touches of Fall.

Dining Room shelves:

Nothing exciting here - just an off-white pinecone:

Minimal decor here - just some nuts, a ribbon tied around a candle, a leaf candle holder and a bucket of pinecones:

Close-up of the ribbon:

Dining room table:
In the living room I simply moved one of my white birds from the dining room to the living room, put some acorns and faux berries in a glass, slid some leaves in vases and called it a day.

The best part is that I already owned everything except the bouquet of flowers on the dining room table ($5 at Trader Joe), fall leaves in vase ($1) and acorns ($0 from my Grandmother's yard).

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  1. Love the acorns in the jar with the white bird. Very cute!


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