Monday, November 2, 2009

Moisture Control

I bought a dehumidifier four years ago for my basement and am sad to say that as of this past week, my dehumidifier has died. I have been doing some research online and it seems that most only work for 2-3 years unlike the 10+ years of use for older models. Being that it is now quickly approaching winter it is incredibly hard to find a dehumidifier in stores since they are stocking up with heaters and humidifiers.

The air in my basement tends to feel damp so it is imperative that I have a dehumidifier running year-round so that mold doesn't grow. My old model allowed water to empty from the back and was pretty light and quiet so a new model has to also have these features. The dehumidifier that I'm looking at is a 50-Pint GE model that seems to be quiet, is an Energy Star appliance and has a hose that allows the water to empty directly from the unit without any intervention (read: effort) on my part.

I'm trying to talk J into getting one since when you walk into his home it smells musty - a sign that the basement is too damp. Do any of you use a dehumidifier in your basement year-round or just in the warmer months?


  1. Oh yes. We have to have one running year round in our basement. We bought a nice one from Best Buy since I still had my discount. They tend to stock those all year in the appliance section of the store if you need to find one. I believe they have GE, too.

  2. We have one hooked up year round, but it tends not to run very much when the heater is on. I'm not sure what kind we have, I'll have to look. We don't have to empty it either there is a hose in the back that drains it.


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