Friday, November 20, 2009

Now We're Washin'

No one really wanted to play my guessing game, but I thought I'd share my new purchases anyway. As of 8:30 yesterday morning I became the proud owner of a new washer and dryer. Wahoo! My old washer worked but I was getting small holes in my clothing when they came out of the washer, which I suspect to have been from the agitator. The dryer also worked but it took an incredibly long time for clothes to get dry so I wanted to upgrade to a front-loading washer and something more energy efficient. I did a lot of research and decided on an LG. The models I bought (washer and my dryer ) have the Direct Drive motor for the ultimate in durability and reliability. They both also have stainless steel drums (shiny!) and lots of washing/drying options (nifty!).

I searched for the best price and ended up at ABC Warehouse where I got these babies for a steal. A steal I tell you! I'm talking nearly $700 in savings! Plus, if I find them cheaper anywhere else I can contact the store to get the difference back. I set aside money from my 2008 tax refund to buy a new washer so I decided to just get the dryer, too, while I was at it since I had the cash.

Here they are in their new home:
I'm sure you're wondering about the controls. I decided to get this style for a couple of reasons 1) because of the layout of my gas and water lines there's no way I could get them on the same wall, let alone stacking and 2) I just loved them upon first sight - I think because in this layout the controls are easier for me to see and they look sleek to me.

There isn't any way I could mess up a wash cycle since the settings are set depending on which type of load you select (on the wheel). The bonus is that it will cost me roughly $10 a year to run this guy!
Look at the detergent/bleach dispenser! So fun!
I don't know what it is about shiny, new appliances but my dark, boring laundry nook became pretty and fun and someplace I don't mind spending some time. Though, with the super quick wash and dry times on these babies I really won't be spending much time down here.

I decided to buy an inexpensive linen lampshade (made for table lamps) to hang over the existing bare bulb and it makes the room 1000x times cozier. Thanks Young House Love for the idea! I plan on going to a different Target to find a slightly lighter shade since I like the look but this one is a tad too dark (this pic was taken at night vs. the daytime shots above).

Yes it still has the plastic on it!

It's so easy. Just look for a shade with the metal ring on the inside, remove your existing light bulb from the socket, slip the lampshade over the socket, and screw the light bulb back in.

Has anyone else made any major appliance purchases lately?


  1. oooh... i love the LGs. I got to play with them when i worked at Best Buy. Nice choice. :) You think you might get the drawers eventually? Or does that seem silly? I liked the height it gave the washer/dryer, but they were expensive. I would have bought a pair myself with my discount, but couldn't justify it because ours are fairly new and still working fine. I just can't wait to be rid of the agitator. we've had some mishaps... but nothing so bad that we'll replace our set anytime soon.

  2. I don't think I'll get the drawers since they are pricey - I can't really justify spending the extra cash on them. Glad you like them!


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