Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Revamping a Clothes Rack

Earlier this year I bought a clothing rack to store in the basement for hanging clothes after they were ironed. It fit nicely in one corner of the laundry nook.

With the new washer and dryer, I just didn't have room for the clothing rack anymore. I decided that rather than waste the rack and toss freshly-ironed clothes on my new dryer, I'd revamp the existing rack into something even more usable.

I simply removed the top bar from the rack and hung it from the ceiling over the dryer.

How did I hang it? Easy! I used some white hooks and chain I already had lying around in the basement so the total cost for me was $0. Zip. Nadda.

Now I have a clothing rack that is out of the way and really unobtrusive.
Have you revamped anything in your home to make it better fit the space?

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