Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baskets in the Basement

I don't post a lot of pictures of my basement on this blog since it's nothing special to look at. I recently found some great baskets at HomeGoods that I knew would be perfect in the basement since they add a little texture, add some storage and add a little class.

I took this picture a month ago so the decorations have changed on the TV stand since then. This TV stand was my grandmother's - I love the detail on it. I've thought about painting it white but I can't bring myself to do it yet.

I also found this great basket on clearance that I knew would be perfect in my craft area to hold envelopes.

Yes, the handles have bones stitched on them! I guess this was meant to hold dog toys but I loved the color, size, handles and the way it closes.

I use baskets throughout the house. Do you use baskets or do you prefer another vessel for storing/hiding things in the home?

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  1. I have baskets all over - they are the best way to corral clutter.

    Have you thought of painting the tv stand something other than white? I know white is clean and fresh, but a small piece like that could be a neat way to add a fun shock of color - and if you didn;t like it you could always prime and paint it again.

    Excellent use of the AGD mug, I'm pretty sure mine is in a box somewhere ;)


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