Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Outdoor Decor

I previously mentioned that since I was sick this year I didn't get a tree or hang any lights outside. The only holiday sprucing my home got outside of the house are in the form of wreaths. A green wreath with red berries and white bells adorns the front door...

while a string of smaller red berry wreaths greets you at the back door.
Hopefully next year I can get back into my outdoor lights since I adore Christmas lights. In fact, for those of you in Metro Detroit, J and I will be traveling down Jefferson this weekend to check out all of the lights on the east side. I can't wait!

Update: I used to have a Command hook on the front door but since I painted the door the hooks don't want to stay (not sure why!). Wreath hooks that hang over the doors are too short (I like my wreath to be a bit lower than at the top of the door) so this year I simply used festive ribbon to hang the bigger wreath. My trick to hanging it - a piece of heavy duty tape across the top of the door - you can't even see it! If you have a wooden door you could easily use a push pin to hang the ribbon but since my door sadly isn't wood I opted for tape so it could easily be hung and then removed later. Hope it helps!


  1. What is the ribbon that is holding up the wreath attached to? I've always used wreath hooks, but I like the look of a ribbon better.


  2. If your door is steel they sell magnetic hooks now. We got one for our new door this year and it works great.

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