Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Completed Chair Makeover

You’ve read about my Craigslist finds and how I reupholstered the seats.  Before I attached the seats I had to repair the veneer and paint the chairs. 

I forgot to take pictures of the process but basically I:

  • applied wood glue to any loose veneer on the detailed back of the chair and then clamped it down to dry
  • used wood putty to fill in any cracks
  • hammered small nails into the legs to stop any wobbling
  • tightened the hinge mechanism
  • sanded the chairs

Once that was complete all I had to do was prime and paint the chairs.  I used spray primer and paint from Rust-Oleum since I really love its coverage.  What color did I go with?  White? Black? Blue?

None of the above - I chose chocolate brown!  I initially thought about painting them white but I decided that white was just too predictable plus the cushions had more of a beige than white in them.  I chose brown since I love the color combo of blue and brown and there is just something about dark furniture that speaks to me.  These chairs can easily be placed in the living room for a gathering and they won’t look out of place at all.  Love that!


IMG_2696 J’s changed his mind on the cushions since he loves how they look with the chair back and the brown chairs.  Total cost of this project: $27 for four chairs

  • $12 for four chairs
  • $6 for fabric
  • $9 for paint

I can’t wait for a party so I can break these out!


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