Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gift Roundup Part 2

Another home gift I received for Christmas is a candle holder that I picked out when my Mom and I were in St. Ignace this summer. I love how versatile it is.  It can be a circle…


a semi-circle…

IMG_2558 a curvy line…

IMG_2557 or a straight line.

IMG_2556 *I know the votives are too big but they were what I had lying around!

I love the mix of linen and glass and the ability to shape it however you want. What was your favorite home gift?

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  1. I like it... might have to try a DIY version...
    We didn't really get any home gifts this year, but I did find a gift card from PB that I haven't used (might have found it in a gift bag from last year) - so I have a little shopping to do :)


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